Are there any limits to the numbers of parties using the system?

the-project has an unlimited capacity. The number of users is set by your own team, however costs are based upon the number of users, the project duration and likely data generation.

Will the system contain all the necessary software to allow for the reading, printing and commenting/red-lining of data, even from remote locations?

Yes, the-project has a support page which provides help and viewer software.

Is the system flexible and easy to use?

the-project`s main selling point is it`s ease of use and customisation features.

What about speed of transmission facilities and size of data storage?

We do not restrict storage or transmission. It is our policy to upgrade when any part of our system reaches 70% of its capacity.

Will you continue to develop the-project?

We are always developing the system and adding to its capabilities. Our developments can be tracked on the news section.

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Sarcophagus Content Management Interface

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