Commissioning and Operation

Who commissions, controls and pays for the-project?

The construction client would normally pay for the system, however we also have main contractor, retailer and project manager clients. The controller or administrator can be either the Project Manager, architect, client or main contractor.

Where is the-project operation based, and what are the arrangements for continuity of service?

Sarcophagus Ltd`s headquarters are in Wakefield, UK. Your data is stored in two UK based data centres and mirrored to warm standby servers. Data is also replicated to another site to maximise security and resilience.

Can the system expand and contract to reflect different phases of the development and will this be reflected in the charges?

Yes, the system can re-size without our involvement. The charges will not change from those agreed although we can provide differing monthly rates depending upon usage.

Sarcophagus Content Management Interface

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Sarcophagus Content Management Interface

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