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Retail Store Development

ASDA are the UK’s third largest retailer and have used Sarcophagus’ extranet the-project since 1998 to manage construction projects for new stores and refurbishments. the-project extranet was commissioned to drive waste out of the construction process and provide best value. This was achieved by managing information delivery through one way of working and improving standardisation.

With over 350 retail outlets the extranet is used to manage its rolling development programme from concept through to design, build and maintenance. The system is also used to manage ASDA’s construction standards.

ASDA use eTenderer which is integrated into the-project to provide a comprehensive collaboration tool. It is used by the design and construction teams at any level so contractors and sub contractors can retrieve tenders with privacy. eTenderer is designed to make the tendering process quicker and reduce tendering administration.

“ASDA have been using extranet collaboration systems for over 5 years and it now the only way of working on our construction sites. The system provides ASDA and its` construction teams with fast access to all information on a single unified platform. It pulls together all the strands of the construction process and teams, from client, design team, through to the Contractor and his supply base on one communication platform.”

David Olivant - Specifications Manager Asda

ASDA have adopted an open participant policy to ensure that all project players use the system. This has resulted in a positive culture and the system is now used as the primary communication tool. This means that designers, suppliers, specialist trades and local authorities can all share information with access limited through the use of an ASDA security policy.

Project information is always accessible as information is not archived at the end of the defects period. By retaining access to all information for life, the system is used for knowledge sharing and is an invaluable reference library for health and safety, O&M manuals and facilities management.

At the outset ASDA experienced “user resistance” but 5 years on attitudes have changed. Consultants are insisting on using the extranet for the smallest of projects. The single way of working has arrived and they do not want to look back.

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