Collaborating on construction projects

As a project manager you're more than aware that collaborating with a large team of people on a construction project can be compared to herding cats!

Of course there are factors outside of your control; the weather for example and supply shortages.

Pulling together a wide range of personalities, from architects to engineers who may not have worked together before is a real challenge. As the project manager you may have a different end goal to that of the engineers, one might be focused on quality for example whilst someone else could be focused on cost. Of course ultimately you will all want to the project to be brought in on time and on budget but how do you reach that point? 

Though we have a myriad of technology at our finger tips, important emails can get overlooked and it's practially impossible to make or take a call on a busy construction site. How do CAD drawings and plans get shared, knowing that the right people have access to the most up to date revisions or changes? 

So what should you look for when sourcing an online collaboration tool? 

  • Is the system web based, and if so how secure is it?
  • Is it customisable to suit my needs?
  • How many people can collaborate?
  • Is there a telephone support line?
  • Will it accelarate the project and help with completion on time?
Communication is one of the most important factors of course, and when using a system such as the-project.com you're already in control of who can see what and when. This will lead to more informed decision making by having real-time access to live information. 

the-project.com has been instrumental in the construction industry since it's launch in 1998 and has helped companies such as Asda complete projects by using a more streamlined approach

You can find further information on the-project.com here and if you would like a free trial or demonstration then contact us.


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